Yukon Hunt Report: Two Days, Two Bull Moose

Yukon Hunt Report: Two Days, Two Bull Moose

By Pat and Nicole Reeve, Driven TV

This year In the Yukon, Nicole and I had one of our most memorable hunts to date hunting giant moose. For the past several years we have been doing river hunts with Ceaser Lake Outfitters during the later part of September. Bulls are generally in rut during this time which makes it a bit easier to call a mature bull into bow range. I have been  fortunate to take two bulls with my bow in years prior and Nicole has taken two with her rifle but never connected with her bow. We were hoping that this year was going to be her year!

The week started slow with very little moose activity on the river. Rain and windy conditions had the moose bedded down in thick cover. We put on 40 miles a day in the flat bottom boat going up and down river calling at every sandbar and
swamp. Finally, on the third day we called in a bull but he wasn’t big enough. On day four, we called a bigger bull in but couldn’t get a shot because of the thick cover. Nicole was starting to question if this would be her year.

On day five, Nicole’s luck was about to change when we spotted a shooter bull bedded next to the riverbank. We stalked into a couple hundred yards and our guide Jordan let out a series of cow calls. That did just the trick. The bull turned and immediately started our way. Nicole and I hunkered down behind a willow bush and the bull closed the distance in a matter of minutes.  We knew he was going to be close! Nicole came to full draw as the bull stepped out at five yards, turned and stared us down with steam shooting from his nostrils. One minute later, still at full draw the bull stepped into the clear and Nicole sunk her Bloodsport arrow to its fletching perfectly behind the shoulder. The bull ran 40 yards and fell over and a bit shaken Nicole jumped up for joy because she had finally got her first archery moose checked off the bucket list!

We spent the remainder of the day butchering and deboning the entire moose with our new Outdoor Edge Razor Max.

That evening after a long exhausting day we enjoyed fresh moose tenderloins for dinner and prepared for the next days hunt.

On day six it was now my turn to hunt, and I only had two days left to get it done. As we slowly cruised up-river we spotted a big bull lying along the riverbank.  We immediately cut the motor and quietly paddled the boat to within ten yards of the bull. I made a perfect shot and the bull crashed off the bank and into the water. 
The work had just begun!  After spending a couple hours getting the bull back on the river’s edge we spent the remainder of the day butchering the bull with the same RazorMax knife. The meat pole was so full of deboned moose that we had to build a second. We estimated that we had over 1000 pounds of deboned meat to take some home and donate the rest to the local community food shelf. Hunting in the wilderness demands you use the best of the best knives. Outdoor Edge allowed us to butcher two bulls in two days with no problem! 





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