Knife Science / Can Stainless Steel Rust?

The common misconception is that stainless steel means "rustproof". The reality of it is that this is just not true. Stainless steel is an amazing material that makes a lot of things we take for...// Read Full Article

Some Great Photos from Trained Assassins

Trained Assassins // Read Full Article

Skin-it to Win-it.

Lisa Van Houten for Live the Wild Life shows us how it's done. Originally from New York and now residing in Wisconsin she’s a bow technician as well as an expert bow shot. Now hop on over to Facebook, name...// Read Full Article


Hunting any new property has it’s challenges. It usually takes a few years to get a property figured out to maximize your harvest opportunities. This year in early fall we acquired permission to hunt on over...// Read Full Article


I’ve been watching this Buck since before the season.  He disappeared once the season started but last week he started showing back up on camera.  I was hunting out of a ground blind after a...// Read Full Article


It’s great when a trip turns out as you had expected, and even better when it far exceeds your expectations.  This was how it was with my trip to Greenland. Starting with the travel;  we...// Read Full Article

The ReelFlex™ Makin' Waves!

Some friends of Outdoor Edge that are anything but wet behind the ears when it comes to fishing right. Five days off the west coast of Vancouver Island on a 30 footer running up to 22 miles out into...// Read Full Article

LeDuck Reviewed

A solid and comprehensive review of our LeDuck from the LOADOUT ROOM.// Read Full Article

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