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The new Dyna-SharpTM takes professional belt sharpening to the next level. This powerful and compact machine reshapes and polishes a perfect factory edge on any cutting tool in less than a minute. The Dyna-SharpTM is extremely user friendly for both the novice sharpener and experienced professional. The 1/3 horsepower motor drives a standard 1x30” abrasive belt at an ideal speed of 1400 feet per minute to remove material quickly while minimizing heat build-up in the blade. The Dyna-SharpTM  features an internal dust-catching sponge system for clean operation and belt changes are quick and easy. Each Dyna-SharpTM comes complete with several abrasive belts and a leather finishing belt to remove the wire edge and fine polish to a razor’s edge.

If you would like to place a preorder for this item please call 1-800-447-3343.

  • Motor: 1/3 Horsepower/250Watts
  • Belt Size: 1 x 30”
  • Voltage: 110V at 60HZ. 
  • Motor Speed: 1770rpm.
  • Dimensions: 9.25x11.25x 9.0” / 23.5x28.6x22.9cm
  • Weight: 17.6lbs/8.0kgs


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