I’ve been watching this Buck since before the season.  He disappeared once the season started but last week he started showing back up on camera.  I was hunting out of a ground blind after a rainstorm, he came in at last light.  I got a 32 yard shot, not sure what happened, the shot was low so I let him lay up for a few hours.  I found some good lung blood and trailed him last night, I found him just over 100 yards from where he was shot. 
It’s great when a plan comes together.  I spent a lot of time strategizing on a way to harvest this buck, and although rewarding once I accomplished my goal, it leaves you with an empty feeling.  The same thing happened to me after harvesting a bear in Manitoba that I had been after for three years.  I’ve come to the conclusion, “Gus’ Words of Wisdom", that its the hunt that is what this all about for me these days, not just the kill.  Although the kill is part of it, I get more enjoyment from the challenge of the chase.