It’s great when a trip turns out as you had expected, and even better when it far exceeds your expectations.  This was how it was with my trip to Greenland. Starting with the travel;  we went through Copenhagen. What an interesting city, we stayed there a day, then flew to Kangerlussuag, Greenland, spending another day there. Then flew by helicopter to the mountain camp. This time of the year, the helicopter was the only way into this camp. This camp was above the arctic circle and when the rivers freeze you can drive, but we were hunting the last week of late fall, going into the winter.  
We went hunting Musk Ox.  There were plenty of opportunities for stalks, but getting in on a desired bull proved difficult in this open terrain.  I managed to take an incredible bull on this trip, we processed it in the field and ate it for the next few days.
All in all, a once in a lifetime trip. -Gus Congemi, Live the Wild Life

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