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Fixed Bladed Hunting Knifes

Outdoor Edge's Fixed Blade hunting knives are durable and made from quality steel and non-slip Kraton rubber handles.
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Fred Eichler Pro-Guide 25th Anniversary Knife Fred Eichler Pro-Guide Kodi-Combo
Fred Eichler Pro-Guide 25th Anniversary Knife (EK-25)
Our Price: $299.95
Fred Eichler Pro-Guide (EK-10)
Our Price: $139.95
Kodi-Combo (KO-1N)
Our Price: $99.95
SOLD OUT !    NEW!  Outdoor Edge is producing a limited run of 250 individual serial numbered Pro-Guide knives with Turkish walnut handles and mosaic pins. Each knives comes with a laser engraved walnut display case, hand tooled leather sheath and certificate of authenticity.The Fred Eichler Pro-Guide is a hand crafted drop point fixed blade skinner with 3-1/4” mirror polished German 1.4116 stainless steel blade (7-1/2 overall). The full tang handle is contoured from Turkish walnut with red Micarta spacer and mosaic pins, with a mirror polished 420 stainless steel guard. Complete with a hand tooled side-carry leather belt sheath. 
The Fred Eichler Pro-Guide is a hand crafted drop-point skinner with 1.4116 German Stainless steel blade. Polished G10 handle with red Micarta spacer. 2012 First Production Run limited to 1200 pieces.
Combines the 4-3/8" Kodi-Skinner and 2-1/2" Kodi-Caper in a nylon sheath.

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Game Skinner Dark Timber Combo Kodi-Skinner
Game Skinner (GS-100)
Our Price: $79.95
Dark Timber Combo (DT-1)
Our Price: $79.95
Kodi-Skinner (KS-10N, KS-10)
Our Price: $72.95
Outdoor Edge's first knife design and the original T-handle gut hook skinner. Patent #5,033,987.

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This razor-sharp skinner/caper combo is designed to handle deer, elk and moose and look good through the whole process.

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Full-size 4-3/8" deep bellied skinning blade with gut hook to open game like a zipper. Ideal for deer, elk, bear and moose.

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SwingBlaze Swing Blade Hunting Knife Hybrid Hunter
SwingBlaze (SZ-20N)
Our Price: $69.95
SwingBlade (SB-10N)
Our Price: $69.95
Hybrid Hunter (HH-20N)
Our Price: $68.95
Our hottest new SwingBlade with a Blaze-Orange handle. Never lose your knife again!

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The most innovative new hunting knife to hit the market in years. Simply push the lock button and the SwingBlade changes from a drop-point skinner to the ultimate blade to open game like a zipper.  Cuts under the skin eliminating the change of cutting hair or internal organs.
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Ultra Light deep bellied drop-point for all outdoor uses.

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Trophy Skinner Whitetail Skinner Kodi-Caper
Trophy-Skinner (TS-20)
Our Price: $66.95
Whitetail Skinner (WT-10)
Our Price: $59.95
Kodi-Caper (KC-1N)
Our Price: $39.95
Deep bellied 3-1/2" skinning blade with gut hook to open game like a zipper. The ideal field dressing/skinning knife for deer and trophy size game.

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Patented T-shaped handle allows straight wrist cutting and gut hook opens game like a zipper.

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A surgeons scapel designed specifically for the hunter. Ideal for skinning, detail cutting and caping a trophy head.

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Wild-Pair Wild-Skin Zip Blade Gutting Blade/Hook
Wild-Pair (WR-1C)
Our Price: $33.95
Wild-Skin (WS-10C)
Our Price: $19.95
Zip Blade (ZP-10)
Our Price: $19.95
NEW! Light-weight hunter combo with two great knives to get the job done fast. The deep-bellied gut-hook skinner opens game like a zipper and the caping knife performs intricate cuts with surgical precision.

NEW! Deep-bellied gut-hook skinner with blaze-orange TPR handle and Mossy Oak® nylon belt sheath.

The amazing gutting tool from the Swingblade is now available as a separate fixed blade knife.   Carry along with any hunting knife to open game like a zipper!  Complete with nylon belt sheath.

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The Wedge
Wedge (WG-1)
Our Price: $17.50
These shaving sharp quick access knives are perfect for all outdoor activities from hunting and fishing to scuba diving.

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