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Ted Nugent"My outdoor lifestyle is a powerful force in my 'American Dream' quality of life. Outdoor Edge knives are my tools of choice."
(Whitetail Deer, Michigan)

Ted Nugent
Sprit of the Wild TV Show


Outdoor Edge's reliable knives and home processing kits hold an edge longer than any we have ever used. If you want the best, go with Outdoor Edge!

Pat Reeve and Nicole Jones
Hosts of Driven TV
Illinois Whitetails

Moose"As an Alaska guide I depend on quality, reliable tools to get the job done. Outdoor Edge is all I need." (Alaska, Moose)

Brendan Burns


bill"I spell Success 'O-U-T-D-O-O-R E-D-G-E' These are the best knives and tools I've ever used." (Black Bear, Saskatchewan)

Bill Wiesner
Founder, Renegade Archery


Craig Boddington"These top quality knives make skinning a snap and I found the steel to be excellent. These tools are safe, fast and much less tiring on the wrist and hand."
(Cape Buffalo, Tanzania)

Craig Boddington
Former Editor, Petersen's Hunting Magazine


"No outfitter, guide or serious outdoorsman should be without Outdoor Edge knives. The superb quality of these cutting tools make field dressing and game processing as easy and efficient as possible. Definitely a 'lifetime acquisition.'"

Judd Cooney
Outdoor Writer

ChrisTo David:
Last October I was fortunate to harvest a large trophy bull moose in northern BC. My father is a meat cutter and offered to help my wife and I process the moose to save time. Every big game hunter will testify that field dressing and butchering a mature moose is no easy task! The extra-thick hide and wire-like hair is a terror on any blade that glides over it. As we were making our cuts, my father stopped to sharpen his knives several times while my recently purchased Game Processor knives had yet to be sharpened. For the remainder of the long and laborious task my Outdoor Edge knives kept cutting and cutting, maintaining their sharpness throughout the process. Finally, after hours of frustration, my dad threw his knives down and picked up an Outdoor Edge Skinner. His reaction was obvious. He commented on the comfort of the handle, the weight, and the fact that the knives held an edge for such a long time. Once completed, we passed the Outdoor Edge sharpener over the Skinner and Caper, the only two knives used to butcher the moose. The sharpener brought back the clean razor edge right back. My dad then used the sharpener on his own knives which left a big smile on his face. You could see he was dissatisfied with his own tools now that he had used the Outdoor Edge products. When we got back to town, I noticed that my Caper had gone missing! Obvious heartbreak was felt as I now had an incomplete set of knives. I phoned your office after hours of searching and explained my plight. I was thrilled to hear that Outdoor Edge would send me a replacement blade in exchange for actual pictures if I had any. Luckily for me, I was so impressed with the Game Processor that I had my wife take some after we had fully dressed and quartered the giant. My intention was to mail these to you and thank you for a great product that performs under the most extreme conditions, a mature Canada Moose! I received my Caper and have a complete set once again. As I write this, I have processed a Mule deer buck and a Boone and Crockett spring black bear that squared out at 7 feet. My Outdoor Edge Game Processor was always right there with me. Thanks again David for your excellent products and above average customer service.

Cris A. Bustamante
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada